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Wildlife Pest Control - Squirrel in Gainesville Ga

Wildlife Pest Control - Removal Services:

We are a professional wildlife control company licensed for wild animal removal by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. We offer squirrel removal, skunk removal, bat removal, raccoon removal, beaver removal, beaver control, beaver trapping, chipmunk removal, muskrat removal, fox removal, bird removal, coyote removal, opossum removal, mole removal,mole trapping, mole control, mole exterminating, snake removal, rabbit removal, vole removal, rat removal, turtle removal, mice removal, groundhog removal, yellow jacket removal, wasp removal, hornet removal, bobcat removal, otter removal, rat exclusion, flying squirrel exclusion, squirrel exclusion, bat exclusions, and more.

Also Quality Painting interior / exterior.

Pressure Washing - homes, campers, decks, driveways, etc..

 Wildlife Animal Damage Repairs and Prevention:

After we remove the unwanted animals, we repairs the damages and use prevention techniques to prevent future animal problems. Normally we find holes and cracks in your home that the animals are entering.  Typically, the animals create damage inside home amd leave harmful waste behind that smells and carries germs.


Squirrel, Raccoon, Opossum, Rats , Bats, Mice, Skunk, Groundhog, Snake, Coyote, Beaver and Mole Information

Squirrel are very common to enter attics.  Squirrel will chew everything in your attic including your electrical wires that may start a fire and cost you thousands in damages.  Squirrels will raise babies in your attic and leave behind harmful waste in your attic.  Squirrels usually make noise in your attic as well.  

Raccoons are very common to get in attics and eventually your kitchen. Raccoons are nocturnal and love to raise babies in attics and they get very defensive if they are corned inside your home.  Racoons also make alot of noise in your attic.   Raccoons also raid your garbage cans and eat pets food.  Raccoon are also well known to carry rabies and spread them to your pets.

Opossum they are much like raccoon they will come in your attic or under your house.  Opossum are mainly nocturnal they look like a huge rat. Opossums make noise in your attics as well.  Opossums carry the same diseases as raccoons.  Opossum will eat any kind of food left outsife your home.  Opossum are famous for playing dead.

Rats and mice are the most common animal to enter your home.  Rats live in your attics and right in your living room and kitchen.  Rats multiply very fast and a small rat problem can get big real fast if not taken care of.  Rats also carry many harmful diseases.  Rats will make noise in your attics and will really make your house smell.

Bats they love to get in your attic to nap and speard dieases. Bats make noises in attics and a single bat may drop turds 6 times per day. Bat turds also called guano can cuase many health hazards.  Bats sometimes fly around swimming pools and scare people as well.

Groundhogs will dig holes in your yard and eat every plant in your garden.  Groundhogs also dig holes under your home and the holes invite other animals to live in like skunks.  Ground hogs will also dig under your house and could cause problems with your homes foundation.  Ground hog tunnels could travels up to 60 feet.

Skunks will sometimes live under your house and spray quite often to mark thier territory.  Skunks can carry rabies and other diseases.  Skunks will also dig in yards for grubs.  Skunks are bad to dig into yards with pine straw in them.

Snakes love to hang around houses and building, especially the houses with rats and mice.  Snakes enter homes to stay warm and feed on rats and mice.  Snakes are very common to live there whole life under houses.

Coyote are becoming more and more friendly.  Coyotes will kill pets and and livestock and have rapidly dropped the number of deer across the state.  Coyotess are losing the fear of people and really getting brave around cities and populated areas.  For every coyote that you see theres probably 10 that you do not see. 

Beavers cause millions of dollars to damanaged land across the state.  Beaver flood property and kill hundreds of trees per year.  Beaver are usually kicked out by there parents around two years old and they are usually the problem animals.  With out beaver control the young beaver will start there own family in unwanted areas.

Moles become pest because they damage lawns by tunneling and digging mounds. Mole create most damage around homes, gardens and golf courses. Moles can dig 16 ft of tunnel each hour and can travel 80 ft an hour in previous dug tunnels.  Moles diet consist of earth worms and insect larva. Moles have between 2 and 6 pup each year.  Poison and chemicals do not work with moles the only effective way to eliminate moles is by trapping.

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Georgia Counties include- Hall, Banks, Habersham, Gwinnett, Barrow, Jackson, White, Forsyth, Dawson, Clarke, Stephens, Madison, Franklin and Lumpkin.


Georgia Cities include - Gainesville, Flowery Branch, Buford, Athens, Commerce, Cleveland, Braselton, Winder, Jefferson, Cumming, Dawsonville, Dahlonega, Cornelia, Clarksville, Homer, Murrayville, Baldwin, Royston, Comer, Carnesville, Arcade, Oakwood, Danielsville, Nicholson, Franklin Springs, Chestnut Mountain, Toccoa, and Pendergrass.


Georgia Coyote and Beaver Removal - We stretch out a lot farther for coyote and beaver trapping call and see if your in our range.

Georgia Wildlife Removal Services

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Stinging Insects- We offer Wasp, Hornet, Yellow Jacket, and Honey Bee Removal and Control.

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